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Ordering Information

How much fabric do I need  &  How much do they cost?

    BearsKitties, & Bunnies

    - Small (13"), $50 -- minimum of size Small shirt is needed, or fabric equivalent.
    - Medium (18"), $60 -- minimum of size Large shirt is needed, or fabric equivalent.
    - Large (22"), $85 -- minimum of size XL shirt is needed, or fabric equivalent.      

      *Prices are reflective of using just one garment.  If using additional fabrics, add the following:
        ◽️ 2nd garment, add $10
        ◽️ 3+ garments, add $5 each additional fabric. 

        ◽️ + Shipping & Handling, add $9.99 (per order; not per item)

    IMPORTANT!  Memory items made using silk/satin fabrics require double (to triple) the amount of
    time to create; therefore, all items made of these fabrics start at $100. Final price will be

    - All Memory Pillows are custom size, based on your size shirt, $25 (embroidery currently unavailable)

    *Note:  Prices are firm.   I do not offer volume discounts for large orders.  Each Bear/Bunny/Pillow is
    handled with the the utmost care when designing, cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing.  
    Recognizing that they become family heirlooms, I believe they are worth the time, care, attention 
    to detail, and yes, cost. 

How do I place an order?  What's the process?

    - Meetings are available, local to Hanover, MA, by appointment only, OR

    - Ship fabric to:
  Bear With Me - Memory Bears by Tricia
  40 Crickets Run
  Hanover MA 02339

    - Include in your package: 
        ◽️ your contact information (name, cell/email), 
        ◽️ quantity and sizes of bears/bunnies you wish to order, 
        ◽️ fabric, 
        ◽️ check for full payment made payable to Tricia Shea, and 
        ◽️ note any specific design requests that you may have. 

    - I'll confirm when your package is received. 
    - Turnaround can range anywhere from 8-16 weeks, depending on how many orders I have. 
    - I'll keep you posted on their progress and notify you when they're ready for delivery!

Other important notes:

    - I can use just about any fabric that you choose; however, best fabrics tend to be those that are 
    thicker (sweatshirts, fleece, sweaters (close knit), corduroy, denim, wool).  I can use thinner fabrics
    (cotton, polyester, silks. Note silks do cost more due to the complexity of working with that fabric).
    Some thinner fabrics may require a lining to prevent the stuffing fibers from poking through the
    garment/memory item.

    - Fabrics must not smell of smoke.  Other scents are fine, but I must keep my shop free of smoke to
     ensure others' fabrics remain clean.  Fabrics smelling of smoke will be returned, or laundered at a
     charge of $20.

    - Memory Bears/Bunnies are double stitched for hugging, but they are keepsake bears.  They are not
     meant for playing.  They also have buttons; and therefore not child safe.

    - Fabrics should be ironed, or as wrinkle-free as possible.
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